Breast Cancer Links and Library Books

Links to Other Websites for More Breast Cancer Information

The following list might be short but these websites are the best.

    • – anything and everything
    • FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer EMPOWERED – familial breast and ovarian cancer information
    • National Lymphedema Network – information about lymphedema
    • Young Survival Coalition – for women diagnosed at 45 years or younger
    • Fertile Hope – fertility assistance before or after chemo

Our Library of Books & DVDs

  • Everyone deals with breast cancer differently. Some people want to read every book available so I have begun a small library. Some books are serious while others are light hearted. Hopefully they will help during the journey. The books and DVDs (*) are available for checkout at the office. I will gladly accept book donations.
    • After Breast Cancer
    • Apron Strings
    • Bald in the Land of Big Hair
    • Beautiful 8, Learning to Live with Advanced Breast Cancer*
    • Bosom Buddies
    • Breast Cancer Legacy*
    • Breast Cancer – Let Me Check My Schedule
    • Breast Cancer Prevention Diet
    • Breast Cancer Survival Manual
    • Breast Reconstruction Guidebook
    • Cancer has its Privileges
    • A Cancer Rainbow
    • Cancer Schmancer
    • Cancer Survivor Cookbook
    • Chicken Soup for the Soul-Healthy Living-Breast Cancer
    • Crazy, Sexy Cancer Tips
    • Doctor, Doctor Lend Me Your Ear*
    • Essential Exercises
    • Is it Hot in Here, or is it Me?
    • Living Beyond Breast Cancer
    • Making Informed Decisions
    • Man to Man
    • Menopause for Dummies
    • My Mother’s Breast
    • Prayers & Meditation
    • Pretty is What Changes
    • The Race is Run
    • Secrets from the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Survivor
    • Smart Medicine for Menopause
    • Smiling Women*
    • Speak the Language of Healing
    • Thriving After Breast Cancer
    • Ultimate Spa Book
    • Victoria’s Secret Catalog Never Stops Coming
    • When Less is More
    • Why I Wore Lipstick to my Mastectomy

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