Patient Information

Patient Information

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Breast Care Information – Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need at the office visit?

Bring mammogram or sonogram films. If you have had a MRI, please bring the report but not the films. Also bring your insurance card and driver’s license. It helps to bring a friend, family member or even a tape recorder to remember all the info.

Do I need to call the insurance company?

My office pre-certifies the procedures and finds doctors on your insurance. If there is a question with the bill from us or another provider, please call the office and ask for Joyce.

What do I need for pain?

Some procedures call for injections or needles before being asleep. In this case, I give an anesthetic cream to numb the areas. Pain pills are prescribed as needed after surgery.

Will I speak with the anesthesiologist before surgery?

The anesthesiologist should call the night before surgery, if you miss the call, you will see him or her before surgery to ask any final questions.

Can I wear deodorant to the office or to surgery?

Yes, deodorant only alters the mammogram but can be worn at any other time.

What is lymphedema and who could get it?

Lymphedema is a condition of arm swelling that can occur after surgery to remove lymph nodes under the arm. Studies show the 1 out of 4 women with an axillary dissection (or complete node removal) and radiation will get lymphedema at some time. With a sentinel node biopsy, the chance is much lower. As there are so many breast cancer survivors, my office has been screening for lymphedema since 2008 with a non-invasive LDex exam. () If it is found early, it can be easily treated.

Who orders the mammograms?

A physician needs to order a diagnostic mammogram which is used when someone has a breast issue. Anyone can order a screening mammogram. You can just call and set up the appointment.

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