Dear Patients,

During this stressful time, Dr. Anglin and her staff are continuing to keep the office as “open” as “sheltering in place” allows. We’ve put some unique processes in place so you feel you still have as much of an office as we are allowed to offer.
PHONES: Our phones are forwarded so you continue to have access to staff.
NEW PATIENTS: Dr. Anglin IS SEEING NEWLY diagnosed cancer patients on MONDAY & THURSDAY MORNINGS.
SURGERIES: Governor Gregg Abbott along with national breast specific guidelines say all elective surgeries are postponed. There are fines related to violating this mandate. Breast cancer is not an elective issue but most often is a slow growing disease. It can be made even slower growing depending on multiple characteristics. Dr. Anglin will explain a new cancer diagnosis in relation to the COVID19 pandemic.
FOLLOW UP VISITS: Dr. Anglin and Brittany will be doing your follow up visits by means of Telehealth. Thanks to Medicare this allows us to do a non face to face visit. Your “visit” will be billed to your insurance company as usual and a copay may or may not be accessed.
SCREENING MAMMOGRAMS: Radiology centers are not performing many studies including screening mammograms. This also applies to diagnostic mammograms after breast cancer surgery when everything is going well. Please continue to do your monthly self breast exams. If you note something new please call the office and we will send you for a diagnostic mammogram.
MAIL: The mail has been forwarded allowing your insurance claims to be posted to your account.
BILLING: Billing will continue to go out monthly and to make it easier on you, one of our staff will be calling patients who have balances. You are able to go to to pay your bill as well. We understand finances are hard on everyone, however, in order for Dr. Anglin to stay independent we still need to bill appropriately. We will set ANYONE up, within reason, on a payment plan regardless of balance.
COVID19 is a horribly real concern. Please follow all medical guidelines. STAY AT HOME! Social distancing doesn’t mean having friends for dinner or slumber parties. Please only go out if absolutely necessary.
We look forward to seeing you all and getting back to normal.
Dr. Anglin and the Staff at Complete Breast Care